Substitute Groundhog
by Pat Miller
Illustrated by Kathi Ember


A Kids' Wings Award Winner for 2007

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Goundhog takes his job seriously. He would not disappoint those watching for his weather report on Groundhog Day, but this year, there's a BIG problem! Groundhog is SICK and must find a substitute to do his job. Is there a forest animal with the right qualifications?

Join Groundhog and his forest friends in their search for the Substitute Groundhog! Through trial and error, Groundhog stays determined to get the job done!

The story provides a perfect model for a story map that will inspire your students to research to learn more about Groundhog's Day and nonfiction groundhogs and then, to write their own stories.

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Internet Extensions

Groundhog Facts

Groundhog Day Groundhog Activities & Crafts

Groundhog Life / Habitat

Literary Connections
Punxatawaney Phyllis

Substitute Groundhog by Pat Miller

A 20 page Unit for Substitute Groundhog is a part of a collection of 40 units in Reading Seeds. It is also available for a FREE immediate download!

The 23-page Unit Contains:
Two sets of Discussion Cards
Crossword Puzzle
Two Readers’ Theater Scripts
Vocabulary Study
Synonyms Song
Character Page on Responsibility
Multiple Choice Comprehension
A Four-Page Writing Lesson
Logic Puzzle
Answer Pages
and MORE!



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