Who Swallowed Harold?
And Other Poems about Pets

by Susan Pearson

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What if your parents
Gave you a fish in a bowl?
But one day your brother
Swallowed it whole?
Would you care
If his hair turned blue?
What if he got sick
And blamed it on you?
Caring for pets
Can be lots of fun.
But a snake that gets lost
May upset everyone.
A dog that is rowdy
Can turn over a chair
And be double trouble
For you, everywhere!

Come read some funny
Poems about pets.
So you'll know what to do
If your carpet gets wet!
Learn how a rabbit
Can get fat and lazy.
And why your collie
Named William
Prefers to smell daisies.

Read Who Swallowed Harold?
And you'll want an ant farm.
Or a bulldog named Boris,
Or a gerbil with charm.
You'll ask for a guinea pig
Who can jump up for joy.
You'll beg for a ferret
Instead of a toy.

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Dog and Puppy Poems

The Kids Wings Literature Guide for Who Swallowed Harold includes these activities:
Seed Cards: Classify the Animals
A Readers' Theater Play Introducing the Story
A Readers' Theater Play about Pets
Can I use a Table of Contents?
Common Nouns and Proper Nouns
Do I Understand "Popcorn"?
Do I understand "Gerald"?
Where is the Pet? A cut-and-paste Logic Puzzle
Venn Diagram Comparing Books
Habits-Draw Manmade Homes and Natural Habits, 2 pages
Animal Families-Choose the best family from a list
ABC Pets
Edit and Revise Ben's Poem "Guppy, My Puppy"
Final Draft of Ben's Poem
First Draft of MY RHYMING POEM
Final Draft of MY RHYMING POEM
Answer Pages

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