The Reluctant Flower Girl
by Lynne Barasch

April is afraid that her sister will no longer be her best friend when she gets married, so she sets out to sabatoge the wedding!


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For younger students, the activities are ideal for orally working together (scaffolding) introductions.
For second and third graders, the activities are more independent for skill-building.

Projectable and Printable Activities in the Kids Wings unit include:
Readers Theater Script: How Do People Get Married?
Crossword Puzzle: The Wedding
Do I Understand? Multiple-Choice and Venn Diagram
Edit: A Letter from April
Rewrite April's Letter
April's Song to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle
Compare April and Anabelle, Venn Diagram
Flowers Count--Math Activities
Writing About a Wedding, Prewrite and Write
Answer Keys

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