Mister and Me
by Kimberly Holt who gave her permission to use her words
in this Readers' Theater Script
Narrator 1:  It was the custom of Joleneís family to go to a picture show with Abeís family on Friday nights, but something seemed strange one Friday.  Her momma changed into her yellow Sunday church dress!

Narrator 2:  Now, her momma wore that dress to church and to Wednesday night prayer meetings, but she NEVER wore it to the picture show on Friday nights!

Jolene:  Arenít we going to the picture show, Momma?

Momma:  Grandpa will go with you tonight.

Jolene:  Why arenít you coming?  Do you have a special church meeting tonight?

Momma:  No, Jolene.  Tonight, Mr. Leroy Redfield is taking me dancing.

Jolene:  But you donít dance.

Momma:  I used to dance all the time, didnít I, Daddy?

Grandpa:  She sure did, Jolene.  Your momma kicked up her heels and shimmied with the best of them.

Momma:  In fact, it was your grandpa who taught me to shimmy.

Jolene:  Show me how to shimmy, Momma!  Teach me to dance!

Momma:  Here let me turn on the radio.  (40ís music comes on)  Now, hold my hand and twirl with me!

(Jolene and Momma laugh and giggle as music plays.  Then, there is a knock on the door.  Music fades.)

Leroy:  Well, Ruby-Gal, you look as pretty as moonlight!  Are you ready?

Momma:  Wait a minute, Leroy.  I need to get my purse.  Jolene, whereís your manners?  Arenít you going to greet Mr. Redfield?

Leroy:  Just call me Leroy, Jolene.  Thatíll suit me just fine.

Jolene:  Hello, Mister.

Narrator 1:  Joleneís momma didnít hear her call him Mister, but Grandpa did.  He frowned, lowering his thick gray eyebrows.

Narrator 2:  Jolene was afraid Grandpa was about to order her to apologize, but Leroy just laughed.

Leroy:  Ah--hahh-hahh!  (laughing loudly)

Jolene:  Why do you have to go dancing with him?

Momma:  Because, honey, I want to go dancing with Leroy.

Jolene:  But, I can dance now.  Take me dancing!

Momma:  One day, youíll grow up and a young man will take you dancing.  Iím afraid that day will be here before you know it.

Jolene:  NEVER!  Iíll never go dancing with anyone but you and Grandpa!

Momma:  Weíll see.  Are my seams straight?

Jolene:  Yes, maíam.  What time will you be home?

Grandpa:  Ah-hum... (clearing his throat loudly)

Leroy:  Oh, I think I can get this young lady back home by, say...ten oíclock.  Is that okay with you?  Good-night, Foster, and good-night to you, too, Jolene.

Momma: (kiss)  Have fun at the picture show.

Narrator 1:  Jolene knelt on the couch, watching from the window as they left.   Grandpa tapped Jolene on the shoulder.

Grandpa:  Enough, Jolene.  Go and get your coat on before Abe gets here.

Jolene: I donít feel so good.  (groaning)

Grandpa:  Well, I guess thereís only one thing to do.  Cod-liver oil, then off to bed!

Narrator 2:  Jolene watched the clock on her dresser until fifteen minutes after ten when she heard Leroyís old truck rattle to a stop.  She tiptoed to the window and peeped through the flour-sack curtains.  Then, she dashed out of her bedroom and reached the front room just as Momma turned the knob and pulled open the door.  Momma was startled!

Momma:  Jolene!  What are you doing up?

Jolene:  Mister, you are late!

-----Now, read the rest of the book!  It gets better and better!-----

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