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Can you believe the summer is almost over and you get to start back to school soon? I know how excited you are to join your colleagues in planning and then to get to meet your new students! No one has a more important job than you!

I thought I would pass along one of the BEST IDEAS I ever had. One year, I purchased a pretty, bound, blank lined book.

I wrote a letter in the front to introduce the book to the parents of my students. Each set of parents then wrote a letter to their child in "The Book" that was circulated from family to family. When a letter was finished, the student returned it to me. I sat down in front of the class and read the letter aloud ... and usually cried because it made me realize what a treasure this child was to the parents. Of course, the parents all read the precious letters from the other parents before they wrote, so it became an important a parenting tool. I made copies of each page as "The Book" was returned each time, just in case something happened to it as it traveled. At the end of the year, I gave each family a copy of "The Book," but that wasn't the end of it. It actually saved the life of one of my students. If you like to hear the rest of that story, just email me and I'll finish it for you.

Here is a copy of the letter I wrote in the front to get "The Book" started. I would love to hear how it works for you!

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