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A Crocodile Grows Up
by Amanda Doering Tourville

The Nile crocodile is one of the biggest reptiles on earth. But it starts to grow in a tough, leathery egg that its mother lays. When it comes out of its egg, it is about a foot long. It has around 50 brothers and sisters that hatch, too. How does the mother crocodile take care of her babies? What do the young crocodiles eat?

In A Crocodile Grows Up you will learn the answers to those and may other questions. The answers come in different forms:

the story,
the information boxes on each page,
the realistic illustrations,
the Nile Crocodile diagram,
the map, and
the glossary.

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A 12-page Unit for
A Crocodile Grows Up is part of a collection of 50 units in Stepstone Stories
The Unit includes:
Getting Ready to Read Nonfiction
Organization of a Nonfiction Book
Fact and Fiction

Choosing the Right Resource

Crossword Puzzle

Readers’ Theater
Multiple Choice Comprehension
Discussion Cards

Internet Connections for A Crocodile Grows Up

Nile Crocodiles on PBS Kids' Creature Feature
Defenders of Wildlife: Crocodile

Crocrodiles and Alligators
Crocodiles in Ancient Egypt
The Crocodile Files
Nova: Crocodiles
The Gator Hole
Make an Alligator Refrigerator Magnet

Literature Connections:

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Lucky Days with Mr. and Mrs. Green by Keith Baker

A Hippopotamus Grows Up by Amanda Doering Tourville with Kids' Wings unit in Springboards

Snip Snap! What's That? by Mara Bergman with Kids Wings Unit in Springboards

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