Diary of a Fly

by Doreen Cronin
Illustrated by Harry Bliss

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You wiggled with laughter when you read Diary of a Worm! Then, when you read Diary of a Spider, you were caught in a web of fun. Now, Worm and Spider have a new friend, FLY, who shares her diary with you!

How will FLY look in her baby picture?
Will FLY'S fears about her first day at school come true?
How does FLY mess up her school picture?
What happens when the babysitter comes to take care of FLY and her 87 brothers and sisters?
What will she put into her "All About Me" book?
How does she feel about being part of a food chain?

Come have some fun with the Fly, Worm, and Spider, and learn a few surprising facts about flies on the way!

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A 7-page Unit for Diary of a Fly part of a collection of 40 units in Stepstone Stories
The Unit Contains:
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Multiple Choice Comprehension
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Discussion Cards

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A special thanks to Mickey Gentle for allowing us to use the delightful version of "Shoo Fly"!


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