Very Hairy Bear

by Alice Schertle

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Very Hairy Bear has hair everywhere. Everywhere, that is, except for his nose.

He does not care if his nose gets wet when he fishes for salmon.

He does not even care if bees sting his nose when he eats their honey.

He does not care if his nose gets blue when he eats blueberries.

But there is something he does care about. Can you guess what it is?

Alice Shertle tells about the life of a brown bear by weaving information into a clever, poetic story that follows one bear's nose. The Kids' Wings classroom unit includes a readers' theater script so you can read along. Here is how it begins:


All: BEAR!
Voice 1: Hairy bear!
Voice 2: Scary bear!
Voice 3: Shaggy, raggy, brown bear!
Voice 4: Bare nose up in the air bear!
Voice 1: Fish are in the river there!
Voice 2: Hairy bear smells them there!
Voice 3: Silver salmon leaping there!
Voice 4: Jump into the river, bear!
Voice 1: Hairy bear doesn’t care!
Voice 2: Silver salmon get a scare!
Voice 3: Silver salmon say a prayer!
Voice 4: But hairy bear eats his share!

Continued in the unit for Very Hairy Bear in Stepstone Stories

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Bears take center stage in your classroom in Alice Schertle's Very Hairy Bear, extending the concepts through readers theater, understanding fiction and nonfiction concepts, comparing bear books, and more.

Hairy Bear is one of them! Bring it into your classroom to help your learn about real bears and gain reading and science skills in the process!

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Background Music: "Peter and the Wolf"


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