Pip and Squeak
by Ian Schoenherr

Pip and Squeak
by Ian Schoenherr

Two mouse friends named Pip and Squeak are creatively forging their way through the snow to a birthday party when they realize they have forgotten the gift! What will they do? Where will they ever find a gift as great as cheese?

The story is cleverly written and punctuated with huge, brightly colored illustrations! What fun!


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Pip and Squeak
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Internet Extensions for Pip and Squeak

Ian Schoenherr's Home Page

Mouse Crafts
How to Draw a Mouse
Letter M Activities
Mouse Activities for Kids
Physical Education--clever warm-ups and cool-downs

How to Be a Good Friend
How to Be a Caring Person
Good Character Teaching Guides

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A 6-page unit for Pip and Squeak by Ian Schoenherr
is a part of a collection of 50 units in Stepstone Stories.

The Unit Contains:
Discussion Cards
Crossword Puzzle
Multiple Choice
Fun Activity Page


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