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Hardworking Puppies
by Lynn Reiser

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Hardworking Puppies
by Lynn Reiser

We are little puppies who like to play.
We could run and chase a ball every day!
We could roll around in grass and dig a hole or two.
We could bark at little squirrels until the day was through.

But we get tired of playing.
We need more to do.
We want you to train us,
So we can work for you.

We are hardworking puppies,
We like having jobs, you see.
From firefighters to therapy pups,
What good friends are we!

You will love this bright picture book about ten puppies who want jobs. One by one, a person calls them to be trained to work. You can count them leaving. Ten little puppies, nine puppies, eight puppies, seven puppies, six puppies, five puppies, four puppies, three puppies, two puppies, one puppy--all have jobs. Can you guess what they do after work?

The story will encourage you to train your dog to do great things. You'll also meet some big synonyms for "beginners" along the way.

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A 6-page Unit for Hardworking Puppies is part of a collection of 50 units in Stepstone Stories

The Unit Contains:
Crossword Puzzle

Readers’ Theater Script
Multiple Choice Comprehension
Discussion Cards
Logic Puzzle


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