Underland Webquest


Gregor the Overlander is an exciting novel, filled with dangerous twists and turns.

But now, your group of five has fallen into a strange world under the surface of the earth known to its inhabitants as the “Underland”. Giant rats, roaches, and spiders are EVERYWHERE! You've found other small bands of your own kind, “Overlanders”, trying to survive in this strange place.  There doesn't seem to be a way out!

Your quest, Overlanders, is to design a functioning township for the humans who have been unable to find a way home.  You must find a way to survive and prosper in this new land!

If you're brave, like Gregor and Boots, you can do it!

Gregor the Overlander

WebQuest, Copyright, 2005, Staci Perkins, San Marcos, TX

Used by permission