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Your group of five, or the town council, will work together to create the township "master plan". Each of you will have a specific role in the town, and must research to help the council decide how the needs of your citizens will be met.

First on your agenda:
Create a list of the priorities for the community. What things will the town need? Narrow the list to the ten most important items, these may include rules, material objects, or even a "plan".

Second on the agenda:
As you each pursue your individual research for your role on the council, keep a research journal and record your findings. When you meet as a group, share your conclusions and discuss your ideas before creating the final master plan for the town. You are encouraged to share your thoughts on others' roles.  The Ambassador should moderate all discussions and report any problems in materials or group dialogue to the Underland High Court, or your teacher.
Members of the Council:
Head Councilmen:
Your job is to review and draft laws for your fellow townsfolk that will encourage prosperity and peace within your new town. You must put the citizens at ease in their new environment. How, as the township leader, can you create a sense of safety and community and encourage others in their roles? Use the list of "needs" to guide you, and include your conclusions from your research when drafting any laws.

Using the resources and materials available, what immediate structures can be created for warmth and protection? What is available for home or town structures? Can you offer any suggestions on “defense” to the Head Councilman?

Health professional:
Detail for the City Council what measures they should take to insure the health of the citizens in the absence of light and varied food sources. What steps can you take to insure the health of citizens in this environment? What basics needs must be met? Can you offer any suggestions to the food production team?

Food production representative:
Using what you know about the Underland, what food sources might be used or grown in an area without light? The struggling township will need to be fed for an unknown time to come, how can you plan ahead to avert a food crisis? Can you offer any suggestions for the architect on food growth areas? Don't forget available natural resources like the underground streams and rich soil.

Your responsibility will be to the citizens of your new town, and to all citizens of the Underland who want to live peacefully. How can you extend a hand of friendship to the other creatures around you? What are your policies on the local water, rocks or plants, and openings to the Overland when disputes arise? You will also negotiate consensus among the council members when disagreements develop.

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