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     As you research , you will record information in your research journals to assist you in the creation of the town's master plan. Your materials will also be used in a research porfolio and for your Bibliography. Your group discussion time should be used to develop your products and deciding on the method of their presentation. For your best score, check the rubric often!

The town's master plan must include:
  • living arrangements for over fifty people
  • food production plans
  • city ordinances, rules or laws
  • health regulations or provisions
  • a governing council for your subterranean city and policies for positive relations with other Underland communities
Choose one method to share your products with the class. All group members must participate in its creation.
  • a PowerPoint presentation
  • a 3-d model and narrative document
  • a performance play that demonstrates all aspects of the project within a student developed script.

A group Bibliography and individual portfolios will also be scored using the evaluation rubric.
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