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Here are actual letters from master teachers:


Thanks for taking the time to address my concerns so promptly. I received all the files I had ordered. I truly appreciate your immediate attention to my dilemma. I wish all businesses handled their customers' concerns with the speed and attention that you have. It was a pleasure doing business with you (I know that's a cliche' but this time it's sincerely said from the heart!) Thank you very much!

Bob Davis
Leesburg VA


After I read through the 7 units (2013-2014 Caldecotts) I previously purchased from you, I had to come back for more. I love your style and your book choices. I had the hardest time choosing which books to buy. I am sure I'll be back for Serendipity and Discovering Magic as soon as I find the money!

I would definitely like to take you up on your offer of receiving some of the units via email. I am presently working on my plan book and would love the head start. Frankly, I am incorporating much of your content into my library plans and it's making me rethink what I teach. I've been teaching for 28 years and have never come across a more thorough collection of useful materials for a library media specialist.

Thanks again for your marvelous plans. They will be put to good use!
Kate Lallier, Massapequa Park, NY
Purchased Bringing Books to Life and Flying Higher


I was so excited to find your site! I am looking forward to using the materials included in the Savvy unit plan to enhance my reading instruction (my students love the book and will definitely enjoy these accompanying activities).

Thanks for registering my school for your site license so that my colleagues and I can share and enjoy these great unit plans! Thank you again!
Dana, Stratford, CT


Thank you so much for the Kids Wings unit for The Sherlock Files! My third grade class loved reading this book. We used our iPads and loved looking up locations in England, English food, and definitions so easily. It really made the story come alive for them.
Debra in Thousand Oaks, CA


I love the unit for Maybelle in the Soup! Can't wait to see other units that you have. I have shared your site with my team!!! Thank you for your hard work! Susan, Bedford, TX

I love this unit for Elijah of Buxton! Even more so do my fifth grade students. Everyday we read and do the activities they are enthusiastic about reading. I will be purchasing more of your units based on this wonderful unit. Michael Sheffield, Muncie, IN

I'm thrilled to have found your site, with the awesome activities for Doreen Cronin's three Diary books. My 1st and 2nd graders (and my partner's) are going to the theater production of the three books in February and we will be spending the next month immersed in the study of the books, the author, and the creatures ( fiction and non-fiction). I already had bookmarked your site. It looks like it has a wealth of fabulous ideas, using literature as the springboard! Thanks for being open to having teachers in one school share materials, especially in these hard economic times for schools! Happy New Year!
Barb Steltz, Newberg, OR

I am really excited about these novel units. You have done an amazing job putting these together. I have been reading Ida B and The Tale of Depereaux for a bunch of years, but these units will help me move the instruction to a higher level. I told Library Media Specialist about your site, so maybe there will be some more novel units coming this way via our school library.
Brett Rusert, Janesville, WI


I have spent quite a bit of time this weekend bookmarking all the wonderful resources on your Kids Wings site! I finally realized that it was better to just bookmark your site, because there are simply too many links to book mark them all individually. Your site is an awesome resource! On behalf of all the educators from across the country who have discovered your site, I want to say "THANK YOU!" Wanda, Brunswick, GA


Thanks! We love the activities for the Mysterious Benedict Society, and I was glad to finally find educational materials that leverage our homeschooled daughter's avid interest. :)
Can't wait to play Jeopardy with her!

Lisa, Mantua, New Jersey


Hi Suzy,

Your materials have made me love to teach again!


Siler City, North Carolina


You are a wonderful resource! I have told my fellow teachers that you have worlds of units already done! That is why I bought all your Bluebonnet unit books—I donated them to our school library. I hope that teachers will really become acquainted with your work and begin to really use you as a resource! Thank you so very much for all your hard work-you make a teacher’s life much easier! Thank you, Suzy,

Virginia Gleaton
Comanche, TX


Dear Suzy,

I just finished looking over your unit for The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. It is wonderful!!! I can't wait to use the activities with my 4th graders in the upcoming school year! Thank you for providing some higher level discussion questions. My kiddos are usually avid readers and I love having the opportunity to explore novels more indepth with them. Your units will be a fantastic resource in helping me to inspire their curious minds.

Mary L.


I just discovered this wonderful resource for my classroom last night as I looked for something my students would enjoy and learn from. We are currently reading Gregor the Overlander in class and there are very few study guides or resources available for this novel. Thank you for the awesome activities you have put together. My students are going to enjoy working and learning with the material you have provided. I will certainly be telling others about your great Kids’ Wings units.

Idalia Davila, Reading/ Science Teacher, Bruni Middle School


Your unit for The Gollywhopper Games is AWESOME!! Thanks so much! I will be sure to pass your incredible site onto other teachers!! Heidi


THANKS!!! Your Masterpiece unit is one of the best resources I have seen and well worth the money. I plan on spreading the word and returning soon. Judene, MS


Just wanted you to know how much I love your unit for One-Handed Catch. I am a retired teacher working with a soon-to-be seventh grader...reluctant reader. He is really enjoying this book and your unit has made the activities interesting, fun and different while really working on important skills...


Thank you for this wonderful unit. I love the questions that the students will engage in before the reading. The multiple intelligences that are thoughtfully laid out will enable all students to have success. Looking forward to sharing this with my class.
Heather, Ontario, Canada


Dear Suzy,

You're the best! Thanks for the ready to use units! Many of the differentiated activities and hands-on activities within the units, are just perfect! It's amazing that there are more than enough activities to choose from to enable one to hand-pick the perfect exercises!

It's also good to know I can come to you for recommendations. Sometimes finding the right books is the most difficult part :)

Talk to you again soon!
Mary, Homeschool parent from from Marvin, NC


I love your website. I have actually been using ideas from the website for years. It was shared with me and I have always been able to find something to meet the needs of my students. Thank you for everything you do for teachers and students.
Mary McCatherine
5th Grade
Hanna Springs Intermediate
Lampasas, Texas


Thank you for such a great time during the conference. You have done a fabulous job with these books. I appreciate you willingness to stand up and say that you do not recommend a book. We need more people to do the same! I plan on coming to your next conference next year.

Thank you,

Julie Bennett
3rd grade teacher
Miss May Vernon Elem.



I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshops at Region 17 in Lubbock. I attended Thursday's workshop (Flying Higher) and was so impressed that I signed up for Friday's workshop (Gifts and Givers). I wish I had known about you and your materials when I was in the classroom.

I am now an elementary librarian and will be adding your website to our school homepage under "teacher resources". You do have the BEST website. I spent hours enjoying your website after Thursday's workshop. Every time my husband passed through I was looking at something new and telling him want wonderful thing I had just found. I was like a kid in a candy shop with unlimited funds to spend.

Thank you for your time, dedication, and hard work you put into creating the abundant materials and maintaining the most fantastic website I have ever seen. You are amazing!!!

Thank you again for coming to the Lubbock area, and I hope you will be back in the near future. May you and Charlie have a safe uneventful trip as you travel doing your workshops.

Valerie Addington
Frendship ISD

Remember to take the RV antenna down AND put the reminder sign on the steering wheel.


Dear Suzy,

Words can not express how much my students enjoy your lessons. It hits all learning styles. I would definitely do your lessons during my appraisal. I teach 3rd grade bilingual students and have used the Stepstone Stories picture books faithfully, but I have 5 students who work in Transformers. They love it. Let me explain why I use both Stepstone Stories and Transformers in my class. I have five students reading above picture book level, but they also have to do the Transformers. They just finished up doing the mock trial for Marvelous Mattie. It was great! Three fourths of my students did not have the slightest clue about a courtroom. I call the students who do Transformers the Furious Five. Well the Furious Five picked several students to help them in the mock trial and the students who did not have a part were the jury.

My students memorized the Bob and Otto Readers Theater. One more key fact is that I have 24 students this year. So to include them all I divide them up by parts. For example the left side was Bob and the right side was Otto. Then the next day they would switch. They didn't like to switch because they realized they were more fluent on the one they had already practiced the day before! What started with a simple book led to a series of engaging activities: a wormatorium and we raising butterfly in our class as well. It was great!!

The books about friendship have contributed to a great classroom environment. My students all get along and work hard together. They call themselves TEAM 308 (our room number). The loved the Duck and Goose, they favorite part was then they acted it out. They love soccer!

Since they are bilingual, Fiesta Fiasco was an instant winner. They did not know that TORTA was cake. Great social studies extension.

The possibilities are endless! I can not tell you how much they love reading because of your lessons. We do your lessons while others teachers do worksheets about testing. Due to their love of reading, we read chapter books together during DEAR time. It never fails when we read a chapter book they remember what they read in one of your lessons, and all I can do is smile inside knowing that learning is going on.

One last note: Chalkboards Songs are their favorite. Again they have memorized them, and during math when we read our math story problems, they tell me to read it chipmunk style, Texas style, opera style. They are so funny/cute.

Linda Vasquez, Royal Elementary School, Brookshire, TX


Dear Suzy,

We're a 1A school, and I'm responsible for all 3 grade levels of reading TAKS testing (lucky me!) However, I'm fortunate enough to have a fabulous administration that believes in letting "teachers teach!" I've been there for 3 years and when I first started teaching there, our librarian introduced me to your award winning literature workshops. It changed my way of teaching! I was never one for the basal reading text, but I had trouble trying to figure out what literature to actually use with my students, especially my 6th graders! Well, let me tell you, I struggle no more! My kids absolutely LOVE the books I bring into the classroom; motivation is NEVER an issue! top it all off, our TAKS scores are EXCELLENT!

This year, (now remember I started this year's sixth graders when they were fourth graders so it is my third year with them) and their results were astonishing....24/28 of my students were commended on the reading portion; of course, 100% passed; in fifth grade: 10/19 students were commended; 100% passed and finally my fourth graders had 9/20 commended with 100% passing...this trend is not seems as though my sixth graders for the last couple of years earn the best scores on TAKS, and I truly believe it is due to the fact that I use your Kids' Wings curriculum. My students (even my playground football fanatic boys) love reading and often ask, "How do you know which books to use Mrs. Ehlers?" :-)

I just had to email you and thank you again for your wisdom, courage and ALL the work you do for teachers are truly a treasure and are greatly appreciated by all of us in Falls City, Texas! Thank you again, and we'll see you next summer!

Charnel Ehlers, Falls City, Texas


Other Feedback:

I attended your workshop in Abilene and spoke about how my TAKS scores had improved since using the Bluebonnet books as my curriculum. I just received word from my superintendent about the Gold Performance Acknowledgements. Rotan Elementary School received three GPAs: 1) percentage of students receiving Commended on Reading, 2) percentage of students receiving Commended on Math, and 3) percentage of students receiving Commended on Writing. I teach 4th and 5th reading and 4th writing. One more proof that your curriculum pays off! Thanks!
Lisa Cade
Rotan, Texas


I love using Suzy Red’s curriculum units in my classroom. I am a literacy teacher that remediates third, fourth, and fifth graders. Her units allow me to use current literature without having to create my own units while I wait on a publisher. My students really love reading on their grade level and having the units brings fun into the classroom!
Kimberly Lowe
Aledo ISD, Texas


Hi Suzy,
I started The Invention of Hugo Cabret yesterday with my 6th graders. It went fantastic! They were truly engaged in the pre-reading activities provided in the unit. A lot of great discussion was held. The only problem I had was having to end the discussions to get to the next activity. As a teacher of the gifted, I really appreciate the open-ended and higher level questions, and so do the students! I usually have to modify the units I find or purchase, or just start from scratch. It is so nice to be able to use your units that are top quality and ready to go.
Thanks again,
Nick Allen
Delhi Middle School, OH


Hi Suzy,
Today I attended a workshop titled ELA Texas Adolescent Literacy Academy. It presented research-based ways to help all students read better. I am happy to say that the information that was taught was a lot of the stuff you've been doing for years. One of the lessons was to use an anticipation guide in which the students agreed or disagreed with opinions from the text. Does this sound familar? I couldn't stay quiet about this so I told others about you and all of your great ideas you do with the bluebonnet books. They even liked your guide better than the one offered. :) Hopefully you will get some more teachers as excited to teach your material as I am. I guess you could say that today, I was a walking commercial for you.
Have a great weeekend!!
Shelly Paschal


Dear Suzy,
Thank you so much Suzy! I love what you are a blessing to many teachers and students. Through your lessons, my students have learned to LOVE to read and write. They are EXCITED to come to class and read! Using your lessons, for the past two years, my students have accomplished 100% success on the TAKS Writing and Reading. THANK YOU!!!
Kimberly Wright
4th grade teacher
Cielo Vista Elementary


Wow! I am impressed. I stumbled upon your website yesterday and ordered Transformers with my fingers-crossed, not fully knowing what to expect. Your well-designed units are perfect for the work I do with my 5th graders. Thank you!
Sunny wishes,
Karen Ollerenshaw
5th Grade Teacher
Redmond, Washington


I just wanted you to know how appreciative I am to have been exposed to your lessons – especially the music. My students love reader’s theatres and it really helps spark interest in literature. Thank you again for making me a better educator with all your zappy, zany, and zealous teaching tools and techniques. I love to sing and be silly and children memorize things so well when its set to any rhythm. Your educational songs are fun and catchy so teaching is entertaining and easy. I love your ideas, inspiration and energy. It is a wave of happiness (with knowledge) that ebbs its way to many others through sharing. Hopefully my students will return to me and say “I remember the funny Suzy Red song you taught me when……”
Monique Dominguez
HP Miles Intermediate, Bellmead TX


"Suzy Red gets better and better every year. This year the songs with Ted Newman are awesome. Suzy is the splash that creates positive ripples in your literature class or library." Susan Brisbay, Friendswood ISD

Thanks for the CD that goes with our book! I loved the workshop!!

I am looking forward to using the activites and reading these great books.

Was great, with wonderful ideas!

Enjoyed the whole workshop. The music and the games and the info about the books was just great! Thanks so much!

Very enjoyable day with many practical ideas. Thank you.

I loved what I heard today! Thanks for getting us excited about next year. I can use the information for any GT students that I have, and some of the material with my second graders. I am hoping that you can come back & do a presentation for the 1-3 grades that you spoke of! God Bless you in your journeys!

Suzy was amazing once again! Very useful information. Thanks!!!

This workshop was super. I highly recommend to all LA teachers.

The workshop was great. I truly enjoyed hearing Suzy talk about books with such enthusiasm. The workshop was well worth my time. Thanks Debbie for bringing her to CISD.

Suzy Red is so awesome. I wish every workshop I attended would be this much fun. Thanks for bringing her back to Canyon!!

Suzy is great! I will always attend her workshops! Thanks!

I always enjoy hearing Suzy Red. Her enthusiasm is contagious! I am amazed at her ability to come up with so many activities for our kids. She is amazing!

I thought this was an excellent class and she obviously cares deeply about the students and making sure they understand and like literature.

Always the best.

Suzy Red is one of the best workshops I have attended for reading. I attended her workshop last year and feel as though I benefitted greatly from both.

A wonderful day as always with her. The time goes by quickly.

This is the best staff development. training I've ever been to!

I'm rippled! Thanks for a great 2 days! You never cease to amaze me with your workshops. I can't wait to start reading the books; this is my summer goal so I can be ready for my students when school begins in August--I have big plans this year with all 20 of them thanks to you (yea!). Julie Cypert, Sweetwater, TX


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