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Kids' Wings® Telephone Orders: (512) 558-1121
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Kids' Wings® Telephone Orders: (512) 558-1121

TOLL FREE (888) 558-1121

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10 reasons to teach
integrated curriculum
Find out how integrated curriculum facilitates powerful learning click here!
Why literature units
click with kids
Looking for a great way to tie it all together?  Try empowering your classroom with activities from a terrific novel, units second to none click here!.
Molding the leaders
of tomorrow
It takes more than reading writing and arithmetic to forge America's future leaders.  Find out why teaching character will make a difference in your classroom and in America! click here!


Kids' Wings® is a site designed by educators for educators. Kids' Wings® features the latest in integrated curriculum for the classroom and home school environment. Our materials are used in thousands of classrooms around the country. They give your students the extra edge in standardized test prep.

Kids' Wings® Website:

The Kids' Wings Website offers the best links on the web for educators. Links are categorized by subject area. Come on in and click on a classroom. Our experts provide you with the links to pages that will be of use to you and your students.

Kids' Wings® has what you're looking for

The smiles and laughter of children are essential catalysts to lifelong learning. Their natural curiosity, songs, and love of movement are nurtured in today's most effective classrooms which no longer are hamstrung by standardized testing, but rather, welcome it as the Olympics of the classroom!

Interdisciplinary curriculum! Multiple intelligences! Character development! Challenging lessons! Skill building! All weave together to the delight of teachers and students!

Take your teaching to the next level and see your student's learning take off! We feature current articles on developments in learning, materials for use in your classroom, and inspiration for teachers and students everywhere!

Our units for novels provide enriching activities for basic skill building, awesome problem solving, terrific project creation, and celebrated high level thinking while being fun for students. Your young people will have multiple opportunities to build character by observing courage, purity, loyalty, compassion, honesty, perseverance, justice, self-reliance, self-discipline, and integrity at work in the lives of literary characters!

Above all, Kids' Wings® recognizes that God is the wind beneath our wings. 


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Kids' Wings® has created outstanding activities for each novel, units which provide the latest in integrated curriculum.

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