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Black Elk's Vision

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A Trio of Pioneer Biographies will bring the old west alive in your classroom!

31-pages in Kids' Wings Pioneer Biographical Units are led by Black Elk's Vision by S. D. Nelson, the perfect vehicle for understanding Native American history, improving vocabulary, comprehension, and cooperative group skills while exploring the biography of a Lakota Indian whose spirit vision enabled him to survive a time of great struggles, and inspire his people to reach a higher plane.

The Kids Wings unit for Black Elk's Vision includes: 
Pre-Reading Discussion Cards,
Anticipation Guide,
Getting Ready to Read Nonfiction,
2-Page Readers Theater Introduction,
A Character Study,
Crossword Puzzle: The History of the Lakotas,
Map Study,
Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities,
The Choices We Make,
A Reading by Leonard Pitts with multiple-choice comprehension (2 versions),
Researching Other Tribes,

The Buffalo Nickel by Taylor Morrison is the biography of the sculptor who created celebrated art and the Buffalo Nickel.
The 5 Pages of Activities include:
Crossword Puzzle
Interactive "I Say" "You Say" questions and answers
The Story Behind the Sculpture,  "The End of the Trail"
The Artist's Life
Intersections with other Famous Lives

Bull's Eye is the biography of Annie Oakley, sharpshooter and rodeo performer
Activities include:
How to Make a Comparing Books Mobile
Annie's Life, Multiple Choice and Word Web
Crossword Puzzle
Hardship to Hero Multiple Choice
Comparing Movie to Book





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