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Heroes with Handicaps describes the three Kids' Wings units in this picture book collection. The Hero of Bremen, a great companion book to A Paradise Called Texas, is a folktale that will forever define the word "hero" in the minds of the reader.  All of these books are still available in paperback so you can have a copy for everyone in your literature groups to use and compare!

The activities in this unit for The Hero of Bremen include: 

  • Storytelling connections,
  • multiple choice comprehension pages,
  • defining and comparing heroes,
  • character-building mottos, and
  • a map activity. 

The second unit for the collection is for Wilma Unlimited, the true story of Wilma Rudolph's struggle with polio and eventual Olympic triumph. In this unit you will find:

  • a crossword puzzle,
  • "What Makes a Hero,"
  • an Olympic research activity,
  • Jeopardy-type game,
  • multiple choice comprehension, and
  • timeline.

Lou Gerhig, The Luckiest Man gives a whole different definition of "luck" and includes these activities:

  • The Heart of the Hero,
  • speech making,
  • baseball statistics math,
  • timeline, and
  • writing prompts.


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