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Marvelous Mattie

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Marvelous Mattie is the story of loyalty, perseverance, determination, and transformation...the transformation of a poor girl who becomes a celebrated inventor and on the way, makes a path for other women to follow. Mattie is a transformer, one of the first to prove that women have brains and abilities, too!

This unit introduces students to law-related education, an important foundation for building character.

The 16-page Kids' Wings unit for Marvelous Mattie by Emily Arnold McCully include:

  • Group Discussion Guide;
  • Anticipation Guide,
  • A readers theater plan for a mock trial focuses students on legal rights of ownership of ideas.
  • The 8-page scripted mock trial provides fun and understanding of the legal process.  
  •  A crossword puzzle of the nouns in the story,
  • A Transformers page for recording the changes that were made in the world as well as in her life by Mattie's inventions,
  • Questions about the events that transformed Mattie's life,
  • Research study of students' choices of other transforming inventors,
  • Multiple-choice comprehension, and
  • An activity that compares books.


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