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The Middle of Somewhere

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The 25-page Kids' Wings unit for The Middle of Somewhere will enrich and extend your reading of this hysterical realistic fiction. It is perfect for independent, paired, group, or whole class study.

The unit includes: 

  • Discussion Cards,
  • Crossword Puzzles,
  • Map Study,
  • Readers’ Theater,
  • Anticipation Guide,
  • Making Connections,
  • Predict/Read/Confirm Chapter Questions,
  • Using Your Dialectical Journal,
  • Vocabulary Connections,
  • Transformers - Keeping Track of Change,
  • Figurative Language,
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension, Activities,
  • What's Real in Realistic Fiction,
  • Commemorating Kansas in Postcards,
  • Commemorating My Hometown in Postcards,
  • The Sequel's Cover,
  • Describing the Event in The Sequel's Cover,
  • Ronnie's Next Vacation Plans-Logic Puzzle,
  • Writing with RAFTS,
  • Answer Keys. 


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