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Theres an Owl in the Shower

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There's An Owl in the ShowerJean Craighead George's heartwarming story of a family's love of each other and the forest in which they live, is a powerful environmental story.

It features 21 activity pages of activities including:

  • Literature as a Catalyst for Character-Building;
  • Trading Cards;
  • Character Connections: Example-quotes that define 9 Character Traits;
  • Creating and Using a Dialectical Journal;
  • Getting Ready to Research;
  • Researching Owls;
  • Research and Write;
  • Exploring Parts of the Book;
  • A Good Owl Multiple Choice;
  • How a Bill Becomes Law;
  • Owl Math; "Wise Words";
  • A Crossword Puzzle with Appositives;
  • What Does it Mean?
  • Mulitple-Choice Comprehension for Pages 1-55;
  • Picture Events in Order;
  • Wise Whys,
  • Discuss, Research, Write;
  • Birdie Brain Buster,
  • A Logic Puzzles;
  • Multiple-Choice Vocabulary;
  • Additional Activities and Projects;
  • Writing Prompts;
  • Answer Pages


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