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Abbie Against the Storm

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Abbie Against the Storm, a Picture Book about a girl who saved ships by saving a lighthouse will define "heroism".

ABBIE AGAINST THE STORM by Marcia Vaughn can be a great writing starter for students creating their own BIOGRAPHIES! Abbie young girl whose early life is rooted in the care of a lighthouse is forced to use her courage, determination, and experience to keep the lighthouse light burning through the worst storm of the century. Written in picturesque imagery and illustrated in rich oil paintings, this adventure will spark the imagination and awe of readers of all ages,

The short but profound Kids Wings literature guide by Suzy Red leads students through the writing process by first analyzing Abbie's story map and then creating an original one based on real facts from their own stories. Suzy's students won numerous awards in creative writing during intraschool competitions. This book model helped!

Activities in the literature guide include:
Deep Roots and Growing Wings, Brainstorming My Life's Difficult Experiences
Keepers of the Lights, Creating a Story Map Parallel to Abbie's
Writing My Parallel Story
Designing Details Using Figurative Language as in Abbie's story
Balancing on the Beach, Math Logic requiring High Level Problem Solving


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