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The Expeditioners

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The Expeditioners' literature guide offers exciting curriculum connections with enrichment and extension for your reading of this exciting adventure set in a future world with steampunk machines. It will provide opportunities to collaborate, problem solve, and build skills! It includes 40 pages of interdisciplinary activities formulated as worksheets PLUS a 53-slide interactive Jeopardy-type game.

Activities in the Kids Wings Unit for The Expeditioners include:

  • Pre-Reading Discussion Cards
  • Explorers and Adventurers
  • Exploring the Cover of the Book as a Word Artist
  • 3-page Readers’ Theater Introduction: The Man with the Clockwork Hand 
  • Preparing Your Intellectual Tools-Journaling
  • Vocabulary by Chapters
  • Vocabulary Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Making Connections, A Pre- and Post-Reading Discussion Guide 
  • Character Comparisons
  • What’s Real? What’s Fantasy? Research to Check
  • Steampunk and Non Sequitir
  • Prologue - Chapters 1 and 2, Multiple Choice & Short Answer Comprehension
  • The Puzzling Clues, a Logic Puzzle
  • Visualizing the Story, Pages 46-93
  • Characters and Plot, Crossord Puzzle
  • Raleigh and the Escape, Chapters 18 and 19, Comprehension
  • Trouble on the Way, Chapters 20-24, Comprehension
  • Summarizing, Chapters 25-27, Multiple Choice
  • The Cave: Vehicles of Plot That Move the Story Forward
  • The Canyon: Vehicles of Plot That Move the Story Forward, 2 pages
  • The End: Vehicles of Plot That Move the Story Forward
  • Research CAVES
  • Discussion and Writing Prompts
  • Answer Pages
  • Plus, a BONUS Interactive Jeopardy-type Game

Language warning: There is considerable cursing in the story.


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