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Glory Be and Through My Eyes

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This Kids' Wings unit for Glory Be by Augusta Scattergood offers terrific curriculum connections with enrichment and extension for your reading of the story of a 12-year old girl in Mississippi in 1964 when the Civil Rights Law had just been passed. It will give students a close-up look at the changes, struggles, and volatile atmosphere when this law opened new doors for blacks who had been held in positions of 2nd class citizen by the Jim Crow Laws for almost 100 years. It includes over 47 pages of activities PLUS a 50-page interactive Jeopardy-type game.

In addition a literature unit for Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges is included for another point of view.

This Kids Wings Literature Guide for Glory Be includes:

  • For the Teacher: Background Building
  • The Laws Don't Affect Kids, Do They?
  • Discussion Cards
  • Anticipation Guide
  • 12-Seconds Summaries
  • Where in the World? Map Activities
  • 2-Page Readers Theater Script 
  • Preparing Your Intellectual Tools, Interactive Journaling
  • Character Studies
  • Chapter Vocabulary and Prediction Questions
  • Cracks in the Pool, Multiple Choice Comprehension for Chapters 1-4
  • Crossword Puzzle, Chapters 5-9
  • Things That Were Broken, Chapter 7-9
  • Visualizing Chapters 10-13
  • A Three-Page Persuasive Writing Lesson and Prompt
  • Analogies Practice
  • Hot, Squished, and In a Hurry, Chapters 14-17, Multiple Choice
  • Cloze Activities, Chapters 18-21
  • Logic Puzzle: Words of Wisdom for Glory
  • The Research Song
  • Research Project: Is it safe to go barefooted in the rain?
  • Visualizing the Text, Chapters 22-24
  • Visualizing the Text, Chapters 25-26
  • Changes and Consequences, Chapters 27-32, Multiple Choice
  • Write an Expository Composition: Changes in the Characters
  • A Timeline of Change in America, Research Project and Presentation
  • Exploring Historical Fiction
  • Answer Pages



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