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The Great Turkey Walk

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A 14-page teacher guide, activity unit for The Great Turkey Walk is a clever, hysterical pioneer story about a young entrepreneur who undertakes to drive his flock of turkeys from Missouri to Colorado where there is a better market.  

The Activity Guide Contains:

  • Graphic Organizer: What's with Simon Green,
  • Non Sequiturs,
  • Journaling,
  • From Ideas to Speech Bubbles to Dialogue,
  • From Story Dialogue to Readers Theater,
  • Crossword Puzzle: Turkey Crossing,
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension and Activity,
  • Keeping Books for Simon (Math),
  • Mapping the Turkey Trek,
  • Research Report,
  • Grading Rubic,
  • Big Business Math,
  • Shopping Spree,
  • writing prompts
  • Answers


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