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The 25-page Kids' Wings Unit for Weedflower by Cynthia Kadohata provides skill-building, collaboration, extension, and elaboration for this awesome historical fiction novel about a Japanese-American family which was sent to an internment camp during World War II.

Also included is a song, Faces of Injustice, with lyrics written by Suzy Red and song and melody recorded by Western performer Ted Newman.

Activities in the unit include:

  • background building through an anticipation guide,
  • discussion cards,
  • mapping,
  • a three-page readers' theater script,
  • vocabulary list,
  • chapter predict-read-confirm questions,
  • "Faces of Injustice" summary writing (recorded music and song are included in the PowerPoint format),
  • taking notes,
  • crossword puzzle,
  • multiple-choice comprehension check-ups,
  • "Ripples of War" what-if discussion questions,
  • "Bull's Words of Wisdom" fallen tile puzzle,
  • "Weighing Truth and Justice,"
  • sequence activity "Ripples in the Sumiko's Life,"
  • comparing books,
  • ripples, and
  • writing prompts.


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