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Gentleman Outlaw

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The 34-page Kids' Wings unit for the classic western, The Gentleman Outlaw and Me--Eli is the perfect vehicle for improving vocabulary, comprehension, and cooperative group skills while enjoying a fast-moving, rootin' tootin' Old West Tale with great character development and exciting plot! The Kids Wings unit injects skill development for enjoyable mastery learning.

The Activity Guide Contains:

  • World's Greatest Bulletin Board: Hyperboles;
  • Keeping a Reading Journal;
  • Figurative Language;
  • Analyze the Characters;
  • Title the Chapters;
  • Create a Timeline;
  • Cause and Effect;
  • Resequence Chapter 2;
  • Inference, Chapter 2;
  • Laudable Terminology;
  • Creating a Readers Theater for Chapter 3;
  • Grandiose Verbiage;
  • Map It! Math It! Sentence Construction, Chapter 6;
  • Alternatives: Analyzing Choices and Consequences in the Story;
  • Alternatives in My Life; Crosswords at the Crossroads;
  • Old West Research;
  • Why'd That Happen?
  • Chapter 11 Multiple Choice;
  • The New Suit Math;
  • Writing Prompts; and
  • Answer Keys


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