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Riding Freedom and Leonardos Horse

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Historical Fiction and Nonfiction Pair!  
22-page paired horse units for Riding Freedom and Leonardo's Horse are perfect for lesson planning, handouts, or projection on your SmartBoard!

The Activity Guides Contains:

  • Journaling,
  • Character Building,
  • Choices and Consequences,
  • A Board Game for Riding Freedom,
  • Pioneer Fluency, Increasing Fluency in Reading,
  • Standard English and Old West Dialect,
  • Freeing Your Vocabulary,
  • Historical Research,
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities,
  • Logic Puzzle: Charlotte's Horses,
  • Writing Prompts,
  • Anticipation Guide,
  • Comparison of Books,
  • Memory Makers: A Moving Review,
  • Map Activities,
  • Answer Keys!


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