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A Paradise Called Texas

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The Kids' Wings unit A Paradise Called Texas by Janice Shefelman is an 85-page unit filled with active learning. The celebrated Kids Wings 80-page literature guide crosses the curriculum with problem solving, fun projects, and skill development. Classroom-tested and beloved by children, this literature guide is still the cornerstone of Kids' Wings history!

The chapter-by-chapter unit includes:

  • a map study,
  • comprehension checks, 
  • writing guides,
  • logic puzzles,
  • activities on the Industrial Revolution,
  • problem solving,
  • group activities,
  • sequencing,
  • project building,
  • logic puzzle,
  • drama, math,
  • writing,
  • revision and editing,
  • science/controlling variables,
  • evaluation, and
  • more!

In addition to the 50 pages in this unit, you will receive a 30-page mock trial with character statements for an unforgettable ending to a terrific book! You'll never find a better unit for a better novel! 


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