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Search for the Shadowman

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Search for the Shadowman invites students to enjoy a masterful mysterious work of historical fiction by celebrated author Joan Lowery Nixon.  Students try to anticipate meanings of clues, respond to her story, write their own historical fiction story, and use a rubric to develop excellence in their writing.  Texas History comes alive in this excellent mystery.

A 17-page unit, perfect for lesson planning and handouts for projection on your SmartBoard for Search for the Shadowman is now available! 

The Kids' Wings Study Guide Contains:
Before You Begin
Read-Aloud Character Partners
Silent Reading Character Journal
Family Tree
Questions Please!
Anticipation Guide for Each Chapter
Searching the Shadows Multiple Choice Plus
Searching for Family
Finding the Right Word Multiple Choice
Technology's Family Tree
Searching Scientifically
Problem Solving
End of the Search, Coley Joe's Last Steps
The Tough Questions
Making History, A Texas Logic Puzzle
Our Own Historical Fiction Story
Example of a Historical Fiction Story Written by a Fourth Grader
Rubric for a Historical Fiction Story
Writing Prompts
Answer Keys



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