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Nory Ryan's Song

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The 14-Page unit for Patricia Reilly Giff's Nory Ryan's Song contains extension and elaboration activities for small or large groups who study this touching historical fiction novel about the Irish potato famine!  This book is one of our all-time favorites.  It is one of our first Kids Wings literature guide and needs upgrading, so we have lowered the price until we revise and extend it.

The activities in the guide include:

  • map study,
  • journaling,
  • Nory Ryan's character,
  • chapter titles and summaries,
  • "Analogies and Irish Vocabulary,"
  • "Who's Who in the Story,"
  • ballad and summary writing,
  • "Story Telling Roots of the Family,
  • "predict/read/confirm chapter questions,
  • Immigrants and Emigrants,
  • research "An Ellis Island Museum Display,"
  • and discussion/writing prompts.

This unit encourages your students to work together cooperatively and will be a strong character-building experience.

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