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Mountain Dog

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Mountain Dog by Margarita Engle is strong in character and touching in a special uncle's touch that helps a boy lost in darkness find the light at the top of a mountain. With 77 pages of activities, your students will experience a valuable cross-curriculum study.

Activities include:
Pre-Reading Discussion Cards;
Mountains and Valleys Introductory Passage and Questions;
Character Studies;
Two-page Readers Theater Introduction;
The Big6 Research Song;
Research Projects that Extend the Story;
Chart the Story's Progress;
Figures of Speech! Get the Picture!
Where in the World Had Tony Lived?
Map Study;
8 Grouped Chapter Vocabulary and Questions in Predict-Read-Confirm Format;
6 Multiple Choice Chapter Check-ups;
5 Visualizing the Text; 3 Poetry Prompts;
Metaphorical Fences;
My Trail Journal;
Crossword Puzzle;
Spooky Vocabulary Game;
Writing Prompt: A Scary Campfire Tale;
Creating Summary Sentences Using the Titles;
Character Crossroads;
Checkerboard Victories;
Answer Pages;
Character Traits;
Character Quotes to Analyze and Apply;
Plus, a BONUS Interactive Jeopardy-type Game


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