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My Side of the Mountain 2004

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The 31-page Kids' Wings unit for My Side of the Mountain, a Newbery Honor Book by Jean Craighead George, will bring students in grades 3-7 into an adventure with ecology! Engaging students in prereading through discussion cards and anticipation guide, the unit is prepares students for exciting reading in one of the best books ever written.

The Study Guide includes: 
Prereading Discussion Cards;
Anticipation Guide;
Dialectical Journaling;
Sam's Natural Foods;
Understanding the Setting;
Sam's Natural Food Feast;
Natural Food Recipes;
Map Activities;
Vocabulary List;
Comic Strip Creation;
Logic Puzzle: Who's Who in My Side of the Mountain;
Prediction/Confirmation Pre and Post Reading Chapter Questions;
What If?
Multiple choice and short answer comprehension;
Crossword Puzzle;
Multiple Choice Chapter Check-Ups;
Figurative Language Activities;
People and Places in Realistic Fiction;
Classificatory/Informative Writing Design;
Diamante Poetry;
Research and Report on "A Tree";
Research and Report on "An Animal";
Research and Report on "The Catskill Mountains";
Answer Keys


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