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The Lost Treasure of Tuckernuck

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The Lost Treasure of Tuckernuck by Emily Fairlie will take you on a Treasure Hunt  that you will never forget! The Kids Wings literature guide offers exciting curriculum connections with enrichment and extension for your reading of this award-winning Treasure Hunt novel. It will provide opportunities to collaborate, problem solve, and build skills!  It includes 49 pages of interdisciplinary activities formulated as worksheets PLUS an interactive Jeopardy-type game. The activities are perfect for paired, group, or whole class study, and are keyed into important objectives. This Kids Wings unit ignites fun, mastery learning, and creative lesson planning with handouts or projection on your electronic board!

This Kids Wings Activity Guide Contains:

  • Pre-Reading Discussion Cards;
  • A Treasure Beyond Bounds;
  • The Challenge: Readers Theater Script;
  • 2-page Literary Devices;
  • Finding and Deciphering the Clues to the Treasure,
  • Summarizing Table; For each of the 8 Sections: Vocabulary Lists and Pre- and Post-Reading Discussion Guides;
  • Part 1: Visualizing the Text; Vocabulary Crossword Puzzles;
  • Puzzle: Deciphering the Quote;
  • Character Studies;
  •  Multiple Choice Comprehension Pages;
  •  Research and Present: Maria Tutweiler's High Profile Friends;
  • Turn Miss Lucille and the Library into A Dramatic Reading;
  • Answer Pages;
  • Plus, a BONUS Interactive Jeopardy-type Game


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