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Way Down Deep

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The 22-page unit for Way Down Deep by Ruth White will provide the perfect guide for the literature study of this special story.

A little red-headed, curly haired toddler mysteriously appears on a courthouse bench in June 1944 in a little West Virginia town.
 No one knows where she came from. No one knows who her family is. The little girl isn't telling and doesn't even seem to care.

Ruby June...named for the color of her hair and the date of her first appearance...settles in happily in The Roost, the town's boarding house, with its owner, Miss Arbutus.
As the years pass, Ruby June is nurtured by the kindness, generosity, and compassion of Way Down Deep.

Then, after an attempted bank robbery, a new family comes to town. They are the Reeder family: Robber Reeder and his children, Peter Reeder, Cedar Reeder, twins Jeeter and Skeeter Reeder, baby Rita Reeder, and grandfather, Bird Reeder. With them comes a key to unlocking the secret past of Ruby June. But, will Ruby June want to give up her loving home and friends to walk into a strange new world? Will the respect and love in which she has always had way down deep be strong enough to see her through the trials head?

This is the story of the power of love, respect, forgiveness in a little town that already seems to be close to perfect. In it you will see the power of transformers as each uses his or her own special qualities to hold a town together and inspire it to retain its beauty of character in sharing ahd helping each other unconditionally.

Included in the unit you will find:
pre-reading discussion cards,
an anticipation guide,
a two-page readers' theater script,
map study,
logic puzzle,
vocabulary by chapter,
comic chapter,
predict/read/confirm chapter questions,
signs of the times,
character problems and resolutions,
multiple choice comprehension,
crossword puzzle,
writing with RAFTS, and
Biblical Rules.


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