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MOM, Mommys Best Kisses, Song of the Night

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Just in time for Mothers' Day!   Kids Wings Units for MOM, Mommys Best Kisses, Song of the Night;

Included are these activities for MOM (Mom Operating Manual):

  • Discussion Cards;
  • Getting Ready to Read About Moms;
  • M.O.M. Puzzler,
  • Crossword Puzzle;
  • 2-page Readers' Theater Script;
  • Evaluating the MOM OPERATING MANUAL;
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities;
  • Fun with M.O.M.; 
  • Mindful of Math;
  • Research Maintenance;
  • Tips and Advice Spinner Review and Discussion;
  • Winning with Writing:
  • Prompts;
  • Important Book About My Mom, Book Writing;
  • Vocabulary Match-Up;
  • What to Do About Mom Pre-Writing;
  • Is Camouflage the Key?
  • Map It Out. Mapping Skills;
  • Answer Pages

Activities in Mommy's Best Kisses include:

  • 8-page rhyming story and coloring pages;
  • Pre-Writing Lesson;
  • Book Comparison;
  • Sentence-building; And More;

PLUS 9 pages of activities in Song of the Night including:

  • Readers Theater;
  • Crossword Puzzle;
  • Repeated Reading;
  • Answer Keys and MORE!


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