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Fair Weather

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The 22-page Kids' Wings unit for Fair Weather by Richard Peck engages students in historical fiction through cooperative learning and high level thinking. Your students will be transported back in time to 1893 as they accompany the characters to the World's Fair in Chicago. The unit prepares students for important reading in one of the most entertaining books ever written.

Activities in the unit include:

  • Preparing for dialectical journaling
  • Comparing literature
  • Illustrating text
  • Map study
  • Character building through making choices
  • Predict/confirm chapter questions
  • Spider-mapping topics and details
  • Multiple-choice comprehension
  • Converting non-standard English to standard English
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Midway math
  • Editing a letter
  • Multiple choice comprehension
  • Summary writing through a ballad
  • Logic puzzle (The Midway Plaisance)
  • Creating a state exhibit
  • Literary heritage contained in common phrases
  • Vocabulary cartoons
  • Discussion/writing prompts



Fair Weather
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