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3 Hispanic Books with Esperanza Rising

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The 45-page Trio of Kids' Wings literature guides for three popular Hispanic books for Esperanza Rising,  Any Small Goodness, and Harvesting Hope are filled with character development, problem solving, history, and fun! 

Esperanza Rising: Activities in the Literature Guide

  • Sizing Up the Giant: Dialectical Journals
  • Anticipation Guide:  How Do I Feel?
  • Living Words:  Figures of Speech
  • Making Connections: A Pre- and Post-Reading Discussion Guide
  • Discrimination:  The Caste System--Article with Multiple-Choice Questions
  • Mountains and Valleys Poetry:  Diamante and Concrete Poetry
  • Translating the Idea:  Multiple Choice
  • Traveling Math with Mapping
  • Jamaica! A Logic Puzzle
  • Digging Deeper! Research Project
  • Comprehension:  Multiple Choice
  • The Spanish/English Memory Game
  • Vocabulary Frijoles
  • Those Who Become David--A Teacher-Led Activity
  • Fruits and Vegetables Crossword Puzzle
  • Writing Prompts
  • Answer Keys

Any Small Goodness, A Novel of the Barrio-- Activities include:

  • Learning on the Mountain--Filling His Cup
  • Dialectical Journal
  • Anticipation Guides
  • Making Connections: A Pre- and Post-Reading Discussion Guide
  • Five in a Row -- Vocabulary Game for Partners
  • Comprehension Check: Drawing, multiple choice, short answer
  • Vocabulary Goodness: Crossword Puzzle
  • Mami’s Gift--Multiple Choice
  • Improving Fluency --
  • Pronouncing and Understanding Spanish Words
  • Cumulative Reading
  • Choral Reading
  • Blessings: A Crossword Puzzle
  • Arturo's Song of the Barrio: Summarize the Story with Stanzas
  • The Writing Contest: Flattery and Me (article with questions)
  • Writing Prompts

Harvesting Hope: Activities in the 5-page Literature Guide

  • Crossword Puzzle: Crisscrossing California
  • Worker to Leader:  Multiple Choice Comprehension
  • The Path of Justice: Sequencing the Story
  • Where in the World is California?
  • Extension Projects: Diamante, Comparing Books, Thinking and Acting for Yourself
  • Answer Key


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