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Gollywhopper Games

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Kids' Wings is excited about this book! So often, as schools get deep into the testing mode, we lose sight of what is real in education. Part of that is the pure joy of the challenge. Another is problem solving that will take us into the future with the tools we need and must invent to face a world we cannot anticipate. In addition, it is rare to find a novel that entices students to participate in the fun and problem solving to the extent that author Jody Feldman does in The Gollywhopper Games. As the characters tackle each puzzle, the reader is fortuntate to be invited into their team to witness logic, reasoning, teamwork, and strong positive...and negative...character traits at work in the problem solving process. Your students will be avid puzzlers after they read this book and work through the Kids' Wings unit that presents them with NEW unique puzzles requiring the same thought processes. Standardized testing for avid puzzlers becomes just another fun puzzle to crack! Look for the clues! Weigh the alternatives! Bingo! THEY WIN!

The 29-page Kids' Wings unit for The Gollywhopper Games by Jody Feldman will enrich and extend your reading of this terrific game-based novel. Jump in with your friends and try your hand at solving puzzles and winning The Gollywhopper Games!  In the process, try to solve the mystery that trapped Gil Goodson's father.  We challenge you to perform the Gollywhopper Musical!

The unit includes:

  • Prereading Discussion Cards. 
  • Original Readers' Theater Script,
  • Memory Box for Book Talk,
  • Gifts and Talents in the Team,
  • Anticipation Guide,
  • Gollywhopper Games The Musical,
  • Predict-Read-Confirm Chapter Questions,
  • Chapters 5-7-8-9 Check Ups,
  • Teamwork for Chapter 10,
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension for Chapters 11-15-16,
  • Chapters 13 and 14 Get in the Games Shadow Puzzles 1-6 with Stunts,
  • Crossword Puzzle for Characters and Character Traits,
  • Another Challenge for Chapter 17,
  • Logic Puzzle for Chapter 18,
  • The Final Lap Puzzles for Chapter 21,
  • Find the Purpose,
  • Act It Out,
  • What Happened?
  • A Discussion,
  • Discussion/Writing Prompts,
  • Answers


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