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Mysterious Benedict Society

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The 41-page Kids' Wings unit for the Trenton Lee Stewart's novel, The Mysterious Benedict Society, will enable your students to build basic skills while collaborating in the reading of this excellent mystery filled with scientific process, problem solving, teamwork, endearing relationships, excellent characterization, and fun all woven into a dangerous mission to save the world. The unit guides student study in exciting cross-curriculum activities for class study, individual, or cooperative group study.

Activities in the unit include:

  • Discussion Cards 
  • Anticipation Guide
  • Two-Page Readers’ Theater Introduction
  • Preparing Your Intellectual Tools
  • Picturing Figures of Speech in the Story
  • Readers' Theater Quartet Reading and 15 Second Summaries
  • Vocabulary Lists and Activities 
  • Making Connections: Predict/Read/Confirm Chapter Questions
  • Character Studies
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities
  • Activities for Visualizing Chapters
  • Crossword Puzzle: Reynie Muldoon, Chapter 1
  • Questions About The Tests
  • Words to Picture (illustrating activity)
  • The Amazing Puzzle Path--Alphabetical Logic Puzzle
  • International Morse Code Chart plus two pages of activities
  • Crossword Puzzle: Who's Who and What's What at the Institute?
  • Contradictions at the Institute
  • Writing from Another Point of View
  • The Truth Uncovered Visualization and Comprehension Activity
  • Time Line
  • Illustrations
  • An Alternate Cover
  • Research: Advertising to prove "If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything."
  • Discussion and Writing Prompts
  • Answer Pages
  • Plus, a BONUS Interactive Jeopardy-type Game



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