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The SOS File

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The SOS File by Betsy Byars, Betsy Duffey, and Laurie Myers is a collection of terrific short stories about emergencies.  The 18-page Kids' Wings unit for The SOS File, is one of our premier Writer's Guide for Literature. The unit is introduced with an activity on the Morse Code and a readers' theater script that prepares students for exciting reading in one of the best collection of short stories ever written.

Activities in the unit include:

  • Write Before You Read,
  • predict/confirm chapter questions,
  • story mapping,
  • crossword puzzle,
  • character study,
  • Literary Devices,
  • Adding Literary Devices,
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension Pages,
  • Adding Prepositional Phrases,
  • Reading Between the Lines Comprehension,
  • Planning MY Story,
  • Vocabulary Development, and
  • Editing Our First Drafts.

You won't find a better unit for developing writing skill and high level thinking! We think it is the best and look forward to your feedback and comments that help us to make our materials even better...if possible!


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