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The Wild Robot

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The Wild Robot by Peter Brown
A New York Times Bestseller
An Entertainment Weekly Best Middle Grade Book of the Year
An Amazon Best Book of the Year Top Pick
An IndieBound Bestseller
ALA Notable Book for Children
New York Public Library Best Books for Kids Pick
Kirkus Best Children's of the Year Pick
School Library Journal Best of the Year Pick
Bank Street College of Education 2017 Best Children's Book of the Year
2018 Sunshine State Young Readers Award List Pick

Do you think that a robot can survive in the wilderness?

This one tried and became The Wild Robot.

Would this robot survive wild animal attacks, violent storms, and something even worse? This is her story.




A violent hurricane tossed a ship on a vast ocean. It was loaded with a cargo of hundreds of brand new robots in crates. The ship was sinking. Some crates of unlucky robots sank to the bottom of the ocean. Some crates of luckier robots floated toward a wild island. Most crashed on the rocky shore and shattered to pieces, but the crate of the luckiest robot was carried by a wave to a tall rock out of the ocean. It was the only survivor.




The first creatures to discover the crate with a new robot inside was a gang of curious otters. They squeezed through a crack in the robot's crate and discovered the undamaged robot inside. One otter discovered an important button on the back of the robot's head. The otter wanted to know what it would do, so he pushed it. The robot whirred and then opened its eyes. Its computer brain booted up. It began to speak. The gang of otters ran for their lives.




Would life be easy for a robot in the wilderness? Where would she go? What trouble would she have? Could she solve problems? Why would she have difficulty making friends? Would she have enemies? How would storms affect her? Would she find a purpose in the wilderness? How could she be a mother? Why would she become The Wild Robot?



The literature guide offers great opportunity for whole group interaction when pages are projected and discussed. You may choose from a variety of pages you want to print and, perhaps, grade. Challenge, fun, and problem solving increase enjoyment for reading. A 53-slide Jeopardy-type game enables review through fun.


The 88-page literature guide was written by Suzy Red and comes to you in PowerPoint and PDF formats for ease in printing and projection.  The activities include:

Before-reading Discussion Cards
Illustrate and Describe A Special Robot 
Preparing Your Intellectual Tool, Journal Writing
2-page Readers Theater

Predict-Read-Confirm with Vocabulary and Writing Prompts for Chapters: 
Shipwreck! Chapters 1-3, Which Word Activity
The Awakening! Chapters 4-6, Word Play
Roz Explores the Island! Chapters 7-9, 2-pages of Vocabulary Fill-in
First Days on the Island! Chapters 10-12, 2-pages of Vocabulary Fill-in
The Aftermath and Bear Encounters, Chapters 13-15, Vocabulary Matching and Illustrate
Problems and Answer! Chapters 16-18, Illustrate
The Camouflage Change, Chapter 18, Answer and Illustrate, and Composition (4 pages)
How Roz Learned Animal Language: Crossword Puzzle
Learning New Languages: Chapters 19-22, 3 Vocabulary Activities
Acts of Empathy, Chapters 23-27
The Gosling: Chapters 28-31
Building a Community Around the Gosling: Chapters 32-35
Brightbill Grows and Changes: Chapters 36-39
Ship, Summer, Strange Family, Good-bye: Chapters 40-43, Vocabulary Match and Illustrate
Life Becomes Difficult: Chapters 44-47
Winter Preparations: Chapters 48-53
Winter Woes: Chapters 54-57
Conversations, Spring Fish, and Robot Stories: Chapters 58-61, Vocabulary Match and Illustrate
The Return and The Journey: Chapters 62-63
Special Robot, An Invitation, Celebration, Sunrise: Chapters 64-70
The Click, The Last Rifle, The Broken Robot: Chapters 74-76
Meeting, Farewell, Departure, The Sky: Chapters 77-80

Research Projects 
What is Migration? 
What Imprinting?

Skill-building and Fun
How Roz Learned Animal Language: Crossword Puzzle
Crossword Puzzle: Introducing the Wild Creatures, Chapters 1-39
Crossword Puzzle: Vocabulary Check-up for Chapters 44-46 
Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle: Chapters 54-60
The Scientific Method Song and Round
How Roz Used the Scientific Process, Word Walls
Comprehension Check-up, Chapters 1-22 
Comprehension Check-up: Chapters 22-39
Language Contrasts
Illustrate Roz's Prey and Predator Guests, Chapters 55-56

Poetry that Grows Out of Experience with Decorative Frames in the Appendix
Will Animals Be Able to Save Roz? Visualize Chapters 71-73

Answer Pages

Conclusion and Review
53-slide projectable Jeopardy-type Game 

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