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Kids' Wings presents 40 pages of activities for two terrific picture books that cross history to show how life in the world has changed from year to year. Included in the PAIRED unit are activity guides for What You Never Knew About BEDS, BEDROOMS, AND PAJAMAS by Patricia Lauber plus TURN OF THE CENTURY by Ellen Jackson.

Activities in Beds, Bedrooms, and Pajamas include: 

  • Prereading group discussion cards,
  • Readers' theater script, 
  • Crossword puzzle,
  • Evaluating the illustrations, 
  • Multiple choice comprehension, 
  • Comparing books in a Venn diagram,
  • An Interactive Read-Aloud Game: Messenger
  • Cooperative Group Messenger Game (jigsaw),
  • Messenger Questions for Cross-Group Teaching,
  • Messenger Questions for Projection,
  • Tag Comprehension Game,
  • Individual Tag Cards for Class Interaction 
  • Bed Tag 
  • Answer Keys

Activities in Turn of the Century include: 

  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Cause and Effect
  • Century Messenger Group Game (One of the best activities Kids Wings has ever created!)
  • Questions for the Century Messenger Game
  • Vocabulary
  • Timeline
  • Problems at this Turn
  • Writing Prompts


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