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Sweet Land of Liberty and George Washington's Teeth

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3 Patriotic Books 
Sweet Land of Liberty,
The Impossible Patriotism Project
, and
George Washington's Teeth together in one download!

Included are these activities for Sweet Land of Liberty:

  • Pre-Reading Discussion Cards;
  • Getting Ready to Read About American History;
  • Do I Understand? Multiple Choice Comprehension;
  • Thinking About America;
  • American Facts;
  • Counting Pets;
  • 13 Pages of American Symbols That Inspire Research;
  • The Meaning of the Pledge of Alliegance; and
  • Answer Page 

Activities in George Washington's Teeth include:

  • Research George Washington or Teeth;
  • Presidential Dentistry;
  • Washington's Valleys;
  • Ask a Dentist;
  • Presidential Bulletin Board;
  • Logic Puzzle: More Presidential Problems; and
  • Answer Page.

The Impossible Patriotism Project presents a class struggling to create meaningful symbols of patriotism.  The thoughtful presentation of their beautiful projects is topped off by one student who chooses something so special that you and your students want to stand and applaud. A moving story and patriotic literature guide!


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