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Bean Thirteen

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Math, Science, Reading, and Problem Solving  FUN!  The seventeen-page Kids' Wings Unit for Bean Thirteen by Matthew McElligott is highest quality unit available anywhere!  It includes group discussion cards and activities, high level thinking activities, readers' theater, problem solving, and fun! 

Ralph freaks out when Flora picks the thirteenth bean in BEAN THIRTEEN by Matthew McElligott. 

Ralph is sure that thirteen is an unlucky number! Always the idea-grasshopper, Flora invites April for dinner. As Flora and Ralph separate the beans into three piles with four beans each, Ralph is horrified to discover that the one bean left over is the dreaded "bean thirteen!" "That's odd," Flora says. So Flora invites Joe to dinner, too, and begins to make four piles of three beans each. What do you think happens next? Keep reading because the conclusion is really funny!

It's a hysterical introduction to the skills of odd / even and division, factoring, prime numbers, and more.

Our Kids Wings Literature Guide extends into science, too! Activities come in PowerPoint and PDF (Projectable for whole group instruction and Printable for literature groups) and include:
A 2-page Readers’ Theater Script about Superstitions
Prereading Discussion Cards
Story Mapping
Label the Grasshopper Parts
Crossword Puzzle
Multiple Choice Comprehension
Creating a Bean Graph
Vocabulary Tic-Tac-Toe
Passing Out Beans, a Logic Puzzle
Fun with Beans and More
Fun with Bean Soup
Grasshopper Research

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