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Ten Rules You Absolutely Must Not Break

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TEN RULES YOU MUST NOT BREAK IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE THE SCHOOL BUS by John Grandits, illustrated by Michael Allen Austin provides the perfect anticipatory set for studying school bus rules!

The 10 rules are presented in a funny fantasy setting that resolves at the end of the story. Though written at a 2nd grade level, teachers of all levels will enjoy motivating discussion with this hysterical picture book fantasizing BUS SAFETY RULES as their anticipatory set!

Do you remember YOUR first ride on a school bus? For many, it is a frightening encounter in a new jungle where predators await to devour you. So it was for Kyle.

It is Kyle's first day of school. To help Kyle survive the bus ride, his older, more experienced brother gives him ten unbreakable rules about how to deal with predator bullies that are bound to be on the bus. Kyle memorizes the rules, and brings with him his own predator-prey experiences he has had watching nature shows on TV. But, nevertheless, he is immediately challenged when he first boards the bus.

Where should he sit? Oh, yes, James gave him rules about that, but it sounds easier than it really is! Skipping the first row (James's first rule), Kyle pictures himself as a zebra and begins to look for an "allowed" seat while all the lions' eyes are upon him. Where do you think it is? OH, NO! Not the LAST row! That's James's second rule, "Never sit on the last row." He sits on the last row and breaks Rule # 2.

Who's this sitting beside him? Is it a boy or girl. He peeks. Oh, NO! A bully! Kyle has broken Rule # 3 by making eye contact with the bully! (Kyle sees him as a bear.) What do you think will happen next?

Ten Rules You Absolutely Must Not Break If You Want to Survive the School Bus provides a rollicking ride through some well-intended school bus rules and a good roll on the floor with laughter when you see Kyle entering the frightening jungle and meticulously breaking each one and surviving. The bully is fairy tale BAD, but his true nature is revealed at the end.

This picture book is an entertaining discussion-starter for RULES and HOW TO HANDLE BULLIES (and BROTHERS). Illustrator Michael Allen Smith punctuates the fun with his hyperbolic cartoons and bright colors.

The 11-page Kids Wings unit provides opportunity for discussion, drama, creation of your own rules, math skills, reading strategies, writing, solving a crossword puzzle, and rules for dealing with bullies. 

The Activity Guide/Lesson Plans contain some great activities like:

  • Pre-reading Discussion Cards;
  •  A 2-Page Readers Theater Introduction;
  • Your Top Four School Bus Rules;
  • School Bus Math; Check out "The Rules";
  • Crosswords Rule; What Do I Do About Bullies?
  • A Readers’ Theater Script;
  • The Most Important Laws;
  • Answer Pages;
  • Plus, a BONUS Interactive Jeopardy-type Game


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