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Folk Tales with Senorita Gordita, Runaway Pancake, Armadilly Chi

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Kids' Wings units for four FOLK TALES includes 48 pages of activities for Senorita Gorita, The Runaway Tortilla, Armadilly Chili, and The Little Red Hen.

Senorita Gordita includes these activities:

  • Pre-reading Discussion Cards;
  • Who Did Senorita Gordita Meet?
  • Do You Remember,
  • Multiple Choice;
  • Compare Animal Families/Research;
  • The Gingerbread Man's Readers Theater--The Traditional Tale;
  • Comparing Senorita Gordita and The Gingerbread Man;
  • Have a Play;
  • How are we doing?
  • A Rubric; Gordita Math;
  • Fun with Gingerbread;
  • Repeated Readings;
  • Answer Page;
  • The Runaway Tortilla includes these activities:
  • Readers Theater Poetry;
  • 2-page Play Script;
  • Crossword Puzzle;
  • Do I Understand Multiple Choice;
  • Tortilla Math;
  • Write a Texas Story;
  • Answer Page 

Armadilly Chilly includes these activities:

  • Readers Theater;
  • Recipe Writing;
  • Art;
  • Book Comparison;
  • Drama Guide and Rubric;
  • Letter Editing;
  • Logic Puzzle;
  • Comparison of Animal Families;
  • Creative Writing Prompt and Planning Guide;
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension;
  • Writing / Editing Lesson: A Letter to Billy's Friends;
  • Repeated Reading Chart; Answers; Jerry Pinkney's Little Red Hen includes these activities: Crossword Puzzle; 3 page Readers Theater Script;
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension;
  • Comparing Stories;
  • Play Plan and Rubric;
  • Discussion Cards;
  • Answers


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