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Poppy and Ereths Birthday

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The Kids' Wings Study Guides for Poppy and Ereth's Birthday by AVI Contain:

  • Seeing the Forest for the Trees: An Overview of Poppy,
  • Using a Map to Track the Events,
  • Writing a Narrative Poem or Song,
  • Making a Mural,
  • Eye "Poppy" Vocabulary,
  • Character Collages,
  • Pronoun Pointers,
  • And the Real Reason Is (Multiple Choice),
  • Phenomenal Terminology,
  • Vocabulary Multiple Choice),
  • How to Prepare a Readers' Theater Script,
  • Wisdom, Warnings, and Folk Sayings,
  • Figures of Speech,
  • Diamante Poetry,
  • Pieces of a Puzzle (Crossword Puzzle),
  • Weekly Squeaker's Outdated Lessons in History,
  • Math Connections and Research,
  • Family Names (A Logic Puzzle),
  • Building Vocabulary Through Games,
  • Writing Prompts,
  • Answer Keys;

In Ereth's Birthday, you will find these activities:

  • Thinking Pages (Dialectical Journal),
  • The Gift of Character, Predict/Confirm Chapter Questions,
  • Words Walls,
  • How-to Present a Readers' Theater,
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension Pages,
  • Crossword Puzzle,
  • 3-Page Editing and Revising Exercise,
  • Animal Tracks Logic Puzzle,
  • The Ballad of Erethizon Dorsatum,
  • Research and Sequel,
  • Erethmetic,
  • Homecoming Logic Puzzle,
  • Writing Prompts,
  • Answer Keys.


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