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The Forging of the Blade

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The 16-page Kids' Wings Unit for The Forging of the Blade by R. L. Lefever guides students through an exciting first high fantasy adventure for younger students!

  • Activities by chapters:
  • introduce new vocabulary,
  • present, predict-read-comfirm question, and
  • tie each chapter to students' personal opinions through writing.

Other activities in the unit include

  • "The Blade and the Hero,"
  • "Objects of Importance" in high fantacy,
  • multiple choice comprehension,
  • illustrating mental pictures,
  • Write Thinking,
  • crossword puzzle,
  • chapter guides including predict-read-confirm questions,
  • "The Prophecy" (a fallen tile puzzle),
  • short answer comprehension,
  • creating a readers' theater script,
  • crossword puzzle,
  • summarizing through comic strips,
  • trio reading,
  • characteristics of a hero, and
  • "Write Thinking."

The Unit and PowerPoint Jeopardy-type game will make skill building fun!


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