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Zita the Space Girl, Alien Secrets, Shape Changer

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Three Science Fiction Space Fantasies include: graphic novel Zita the Spacegirl,
Alien Secrets a space-odyssey novel, and Shape Changer.

The three guides will enrich and extend your reading of this collection of award-winning books of Space Fantasies.
Activities in Zita, the Spacegirl include:
Discussion Cards;
2-Page Readers Theater Introduction for Chapter 1;
Super Spacegirl Words;
Five-In-A-Row Vocabulary Game;
Where in the Universe Do I Live?
Where Is Your Planet?
Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities for Chapter 2;
Activities for Visualizing Chapter 3;
The Battles for the Castle,
A 2-page Cloze Activity for Chapter 4;
Writing and Performing a Readers Theater Script for Chapter 5, and

The activity guide for Alien Secrets contains:
Logic Puzzle;
Three-Part Reading Log;
The Line Up;
Photograph Album;
Writing Chapter Titles;
Figurative Language;
Alien Vocabulary;
Absolute Zero Vocabulary;
Milky Way Travel Agency and Brochure;
Matching: Final Curtain Call;
Writing Prompts;
Answers; and Bibliography

Activities for Shape Changers include:
Illustrating Important Events;
Chapter 1 Crossword Puzzle;
Keeping a Reading Journal;
Vocabulary Search;
Science Fact or Fiction;
Get the Picture--Figurative Language;
Math Challenges;
Writing Prompts;


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