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Oscar and the Very Hungry Dragon

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Oscar and the Very Hungry Dragon will add fun and this Kids Wings literature guide will provide the challenge to set your your classroom into motion.  It's a great way to kick-off your health unit on foods that are good for you.

Included are these activities:

  • Pre-Reading Discussion Cards;
  • 2-page Readers Theater Script;
  • Dragon Crossword Puzzle;
  • Do I Understand? Multiple Choice Comprehension;
  • Analyze the Story
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension;
  • Fun with Dragons;
  • Good Food: Follow a Research Plan;
  • Writing a Short Story:
  • The Lonely Dragon;
  • Food for Fun;
  • Fairy Tale Lessons (Write Lessons YOU Have Learned from Fairy Tales);
  • Dragon Sized Words;
  • Cut-and-Paste Dragon Jokes;
  • Puzzling Dragon-Sized Words (King-Sized Crossword Puzzle);
  • Sequencing the Clues;
  • And Answer Page


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